Friday, 24 December 2010

Ho ho ho! Merry... Trojan Horse??

So I tried to use Google Chrome just like I normally do and for some reason it just decided that it was going to have a trojan horse! Whatever... It'll either fix it itself like my computer always does, or it'll be an asshole and I'll need a new computer. Which would be fun but it's Christmas and this is so not the time to need to buy a new computer.

I'm super jealous of all my friends who are living at AFNORTH right now because you guys have so much snow right now and we've got none. But we do have a lot of rain...

Here are some random thoughts that are just popping into my head now:

I want some pointy ear tip things, you know like a vulcan, or an elf, or any other thing that you can use pointy ear tips for. Werewolf! I could make a kick ass werewolf costume! Or at least a makeup design.. Hmm!

I want to be Wonder Woman at some point for Halloween. But I also want to be Morticia Addams for Halloween. So we'll see what's up for next year. ; )

Santa Clause 3 is definitely the worst one in the entire franchise. But I also kind of like it. Especially now that there's some action going on. And now Martin Short is singing New York, New York but with the words North Pole instead of New York.. Gosh this is insane. I'm slightly worried about my computer but this movie is taking my mind off of it so I'm just going to enjoy it. Hahaha, yeah...

I think it's time to stop blogging. Yes indeed.

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