Monday, 20 December 2010


Why do we do anything? Because we want to!


Also because our friends have tired of our numerous Facebook posts. So here I am! Writing a blog. Fun. Right?

My name is Kristen, but my friends call me.. well they call me Kristen, except for a few really close friends who call me Mama. I've never had a nickname (except for Mama) that many have called me so I'm hoping for one before the school year is over. We shall see!

I'm currently a freshman Vocal Performance student at Penn State and a Thespians pledge. I starred in my first college show this semester with Thespians which only made me even happier to be pledging. Seriously if you go to Penn State, or are thinking about it, you should definitely pledge Thespians. It's my favorite.

I've lived overseas for the past nine years of my life in Italy, the Netherlands, France, and Belgium. It's not that different for me, but it seems to be that everyone finds it extremely interesting. I've also been told numerous times that I speak wonderful English. "Well I should. Shouldn't I? I was born in San Antonio!"

Freshman year is a hard thing to go through. I'm just saying it now for anyone who is applying for college or who is in college and doesn't want to admit it. It's hard. It's completely different from High School and anything else you have ever experienced. I'm trying to get through it in one piece and so far I am, but there's still an entire other semester to get through. I'm doing it. It's working.

Now for some levity! A man walks into a psychiatrist's office with a duck on his head. The psychiatrist says, "Can I help you?"  The duck says, "Yeah! Get this guy off my ass!"

And Scene.......

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